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Covid19 Update


During these tough times with the progression of COVID-19 outbreak, we at Spectrum assure that the safety and well-being of our guests and personnel remain our top priority.

Our thoughts and prayers to all those who have been affected by the current situation, both directly and indirectly. We also thank the frontline workers for working tirelessly and being compassionate.

As you all are aware that according to the Government directions to curb the spread of corona virus, we have closed our resorts during this lockdown period. Simultaneously, we are monitoring the outbreak closely by collecting all the relevant information from the designated authorities and adhering to the protocols.

We realize that clinically clean is the new normal and all our initiatives revolve around this singular reality. Hence, we have initiated preparing our associates to further enhance the existing hygiene and safety across all our resorts.

Here are a few important updates that we would like to share with you,

We are pleased to inform you that Chikmagalur have been designated as ‘Non-Hotspot’ district.


We are a boutique operation and do not cater to large gatherings, that takes care of no mass assemblies.

  • Our resorts locations are secluded from the madding crowds, which translates into reduced pollution levels, minimal people interaction and zero decibel getaways.
  • The accommodations are semi-detached, not only ensuring privacy but also Safe Distancing.
  • The vast spread resort premises makes you feel safe as you can maintain social distancing while you take a stroll in nature.
  • Rigorous cleaning and frequent sanitisation of high-contact points, guest rooms, corridors and all common areas.
  • Provision of hand sanitisers at guest rooms and all other guest contact areas
  • Daily health check-up of our staff is mandatory – especially for people who are guest interfacing.
  • Only designated personnel are allowed in their respective areas to maximum control on every staff’s movement.
  • Sanitized cutlery & tableware, with hygienically cooked delicacies served hot directly from the kitchen to your table. We have ceased the buffets for the moment.
  • You can choose where to dine, we only provide table service at our restaurants and practice adequate social distancing. If you are more comfortable being served in the confines of your accommodation please let us know, we deliver.
  • Re-engineered guest experiences with zero contact/ minimal associate engagements. Guests can check-in without any human intervention. All the relevant documents and information to be shared with us through mail, well before arriving at the resort.
  • Everyone entering the resort is pre-checked and sanitized at the security including checks for contents being allowed to enter.
  • The outer of your luggage is disinfected by our personnel before being sent to your room.
  • Regular training of our employees ensuring maximum hygiene and awareness of COVID-19
  • We are aptly prepared for medical emergencies and have designated quarantine facilities, in the unlikely situation if the need arises.


  • Thermo screening for all the guests
  • Guest identification details to be mailed or can share through WhatsApp
  • Luggage will be disinfected with sodium hypo chloride chemical
  • Room keys will be sanitized before handing over to the guest


  • Online payments are available, and we encourage it to combat the virus
  • Luggage will be disinfected with sodium hypo chloride chemical
  • Room keys will be sanitized before taking from the guest
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided at the time of check out as well


  • Entire room including fixtures and furniture will be disinfected with sodium hypo chloride chemical
  • Bathroom will be cleaned with sodium hypo chloride chemical
  • Provision of hand sanitisers and a pair of masks in all rooms
  • All the amenities will be sanitized
  • All the linen will be replaced on daily basis.


  • Room service is highly recommended
  • Dining can be arranged outdoors in front of the room (Balcony or garden)
  • Individual family campfire will be arranged with minimum 6 ft distance to each campfire
  • Disposable crockery (plates and bowls) are used for dining
  • All the table and chairs will be disinfected with sodium hypo chloride chemical


  • All the staff will be thermo screened every 6 hrs
  • All the staff have been well tutored on COVID 19 Spectrum Resort SOP
  • All the staff service will be done by maintaining social distance
  • All the staff will always wear mask, hand gloves and head caps
  • The staff has been instructed to wash their hands every 20mins
  • Housekeeping /In-Room dining staff will have Plastic over coat, hand gloves, Mask, head cap, face shield)
  • Housekeeping /In-Room dining staff will not enter the room during ones stay

At Spectrum, the wellbeing of our guests and staff members is always of paramount importance.

During these challenging times too, our efforts will remain the same to give you the best holiday experience. And we assure you that you will be received with the same warmth and hospitality as always. We look forward welcoming you.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.


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